Social Security Office in Wilkes Barre, PA

You can reach Social Security Office in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania at the following street address and contact number, as well as using directions below. Please, share your experience about visiting this office, provide a review using the form at the end of this page.


Stegmaier Bldg, St 102, 7 N Wilkes Barre Blvd
18702, Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania

Phone: National Toll-Free : 1-800-772-1213 TTY: 1-800-325-0778
Worktime: Monday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Tuesday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Wednesday 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Thursday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Friday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
Except Federal Holidays
Directions: Corner Of Market Street And North Wilkes-barre Blvd---stegmaier Building
Public Square and E Market St0.5 mi - 2 mins
Wilkes-Barre, PA, USA
0.5 mi - 2 mins
1. Head north on Public Square toward N Main St
449 ft
2. Turn left to stay on Public Square
328 ft
3. Turn left to stay on Public Square
325 ft
4. Take the 1st right onto E Market St
0.3 mi
5. Turn left onto Wilkes-Barre Blvd
Destination will be on the right
180 ft
Stegmaier Bldg, St 102, 7 N Wilkes Barre Blvd18702, , Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania

Reviews, complaints and questions

Overall rating of this office:

Paola Villanueva wrote on 15.01.2023 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

Any email adress please??
My father recently passed away and He used to received retirement pension, we’re from Mexico and we had not received any response by phone

Paula Jenkins wrote on 01.12.2022 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

I received a letter saying that you never received the first SS Questionnaire which I *DID* send in the mail to you. This second notice is saying that you will stop my benefits payments if you don't receive it within 45 days. I HAVE SENT THE SECOND QUESTIONNAIRE IN ON TUESDAY NOV 6TH 2022 VIA INTERNATIONAL EXPRESS MAIL. I PAID $40AUD OUT OF MY OWN POCKET TO SEND IT THIS WAY. I tried to contact somebody at the Social Security office in Manila Philippines BUT COULD REACH NO ONE. The phone number was voice message only AND NONE OF THE EXTENSIONS WORKED. I WAS UNABLE TO TALK TO ANYONE REGARDING THIS PROBLEM. No stars.

GEORGE RENTIS wrote on 21.11.2022 and gave a rating 4 of 5:


Gilberte Robert wrote on 17.11.2022 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

Unable to find fax and email for S.S.Administration P.O.BOX 7162 Wilkes Barre, pa 18767-7162. I mailed the formSSA-7162 which was received to the states and despite that they sent me a second notification for the retirement.

rodrigo a ramirez wrote on 08.09.2022 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

EL 26 de agosto envie la forma 7162 desde COLOMBIA con informacion pedida, pero la aduana de aqui tarda hasta 45 dias revisaando las cartas que salen, fabor enviarme a my e-mail
un e-mail valido de ustedes para enviar copia de forma 7162 pronto
no quiero perder mis beneficios por
llegar tarde mi respuesta

luis calle wrote on 05.09.2022 and gave a rating 4 of 5:


Elvira Tucker wrote on 12.08.2022 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

Dear Sir or Madame

The SSA 7162 Form I filled out and and mailed
back to the SSA in PA got stuck or lost in the
mail. Could you kindly sent me an replacment
Form to fill out

Nelson Fonseca wrote on 07.04.2022 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

I recieved a call from someone claiming to be from SSA how can I verify they are ligit?

Antonio De Almeida wrote on 27.03.2022 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

i live in new jersey why did i get a letter from this office to update my information status

Kenneth W. Sullenberger wrote on 19.01.2022 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

Applied for social security retirement on Novemeber 29, 2021 and it has been being reviewed in Plains PA since then. I have not heard a word and according to email I got I should have heard back within 2 to 4 weeks and no one has contacted me. When will I get my first check and why has my file not been completed?

Edward J Budziak Jr wrote on 06.12.2020 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

You are raising my IRMA for medicare based on my 2019 income I have been unemployed since March You admended this in June reducing my IRMA Payment now you raising my IRMA payment again per November letter notification I am still unemployed please admend this again my income has not increased therefore their is no reason to raise my IRMA again. Sincerely Ed Budziak 570 2395771 contact number

Bhagwan wrote on 17.11.2020 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

I live in Sri Lanka.
I have not received the SSA-7162.
I have sent repeated E-mails to the Social Security Administration – Federal Benefits Unit, Embassy of the United States of America | Manila, Philippines and have not received any email from them. Can I download this form and send it to you by Courier. I don't want to loose my benefits.
Thank you.. Bhagwan

Dioscora Tay wrote on 20.10.2020 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

We live in Windsor Ontario Canada , we did not receive form SSA 7162 OC3 SM that we normally received in May which we are thinking we did'nt receive the forms bec of the pandemic . can you pls tell us when do we expect the forms to be mailed .Thank you.

michael J miller wrote on 06.09.2020 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

recieved form ssa-L9790-sm [7-2020] . not really sure what you need for info.

thank you M.J.Miller

Calvin W. Chinn wrote on 01.08.2020 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

I live in Malaysia and to-date (Aug. 1,2020) have NOT received form 7162. I usually received late June/early July.

Sunil Verma wrote on 06.07.2020 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

I live in India and I have not received SSN 7162 yet. I want to know if it has been mailed in May-June 20 as usual.

Erina Mavrina wrote on 30.06.2020 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Today is June 30 but I did not received form 7162 up to now, so I'm worried. May I print 7162 form by myself and sent it by mail?
Thank you in advance,
E. Mavrina

Don reese wrote on 08.05.2020 and gave a rating 1 of 5:

Its really dumb to have to call the national ss# to get the local office - I mean really dumb! ( I'm talking about the phone # for the Wilkes-Barre,PA office)

Holly wrote on 15.02.2020 and gave a rating 4 of 5: many of us have had our PII lost because of the power box address?? Wtf? What year is this??? And everyone wants to call US stupid???

Melvin E. Holliday wrote on 24.01.2020 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

Dear Sir/Madam: I just received your form SSN 7162. It has been setting in my Postal Box in Honduras for over two months. I filled out a form nearly 5 years ago that you would telephone me if you were sending me paperwork that I had to respond. I have informed you that I live 150 miles round trip from my post office box and I only go for mail at tax time or when I am expecting something. You refuse to comply with my request and last year you stopped my S.S. for several days. This year it looks like my February check will be in jeopardy because of your non-compliance to my simple request. My form will be in the mail tomorrow and you should receive it in about 10 days.

Sarah Hollister wrote on 19.12.2019 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

Hello, On December 17, I mailed my 7162 form from Sweden. I sent it with a tracking number but it doesn't require a signature. This is the third form I have mailed as the first two did not reach you. I would ask that if you do not receive it this time you contact Ann-Christin Iverson at the American Embassy in Oslo who handles Social Security benefits before you interrupt my payments as I rely on my Soc Security pension. She in turn can notify me and possibly help get the form to you via her office. Many thanks for help in this matter.

Sarah Hollister wrote on 11.12.2019 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

I recently received a letter from you saying you did not receive the reply to form 7162 which I mailed from Sweden together with a letter. I didn't sent it registered as I was advised against that. But I'm worried now about sending it again -- I will also call you and hopefully my benefits will not be interrupted. I see that there are others writing in this forum with the exact same problem.

Frank R Chaves wrote on 28.11.2019 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

i got a letter w notice to send back and i got second notice abouth my 7162 formulary, and these time i send by FEDEX and i trck and some one got the letter in office i hope i have no problem to receve my salary here in Brazil, i live here and pay my bill w my retiment,and i saw many people around the wold got problem w that please you can send me a note or call me my phone#0115585(986005370) thanks and i hope to hea from you guys

Kalpana G Shah wrote on 26.11.2019 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

I am every year having trouble that form 7162 not received, can we get along with box no, fax no or office e mail where it can be send easily? or is it not possible to fill online? or do you need notary, advocate , or our local doctor certificate for address proof. Pl provide alternate that suits SSA most.

Nanuli razmadze wrote on 15.11.2019 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

hello , i recieved a note from you (SSA-7162-OCR-SM), it said that i must fill form and send you within 45 days , but when i recieved letter 40 day was oallready passed , i filled it and send it but i will take more time than 45 days . plz mail me what should i do ?

Mack L Harris wrote on 11.11.2019 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

I am retired to my wife's home country of Taiwan. In July of this year i returned to the SSA office in Wilkes Barre as requested the ssa form 7162. (I have a receipt of delivery.) Yet i received a second request for the same report to be submitted which it was on 11-1-2019. This seems to be some redundant requests. Thank you in advance for your effort on reviewing the necessary information submitted on the form.

aner drakovic wrote on 10.11.2019 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

First form 7162 I get in June 2019 and I send it back. Another one I get in October 2019 and I need to fill it and send it back in 45 days (expire October 18) because my benefit payment may be stop. I track mail to the airport in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and in BH Post they tell me that US Post is not obligated to inform about receiving mail. When I read all this experiences with this form I am not sure about my retirements. I wonder Is it possible to send somewhere in US and put the mail in PO BOx 7162, or is it possible for me to come to the Office in Wilkes Barre.

Dan wrote on 08.11.2019 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

SSA apparently doesn't read or reply to emails with regard to completed and returned 7162 forms to their office. I have returned both their original and "Second Notice" forms, both registered with tracking numbers. I've E-mailed them several times to inform them also (never any reply). Tracking shows them arriving and being signed for. So the "lost in the mail" can be ruled out. I'm hoping the threat included in the forms, "return within 45 days or your benefits may be discontinued" does not happen due to an in-house mail handling issue.

Dale Duke wrote on 29.10.2019 and gave a rating 1 of 5:

Rate you 0. Two times you have failed to react to returned form 7162. Why put old people in this nightmare. Reg. Mail from Mexico and I get second notice after you stopped my benefits TWICE in one yr. Call me. You have my number. Why this 7162 form that you say you did not get when registered mexican mail shows it at JFK on July 5, 2019. Need meds, food. Someone is scewing up and it is NOT me. Good Luck to all folks living abroad.

Dale Duke wrote on 29.10.2019 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

You have not scanned my 7162'form sent from Mexico resulting in stopped benefits the last Two Years. Jfk rec. this completed form 6 months before needed. Whats Wrong? I am wout money.

Edwin Bondoc wrote on 29.10.2019 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

Regarding my questionnaire , that i mail to my friend was never received by your office and i got a second notice stating that if you do not get the 2nd questionnaire my in the mail my benefit may be stop, envelope,. US Embasy Manila does not accept this questionnaire Have to male it to Pennsilvania USA. and the courier also do not accept PO BOX address, now i am sending the 2nd notice. need help, I am in the processor renewing my expired passport. Thank you

John Halter wrote on 26.10.2019 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

My wife is fully disabled and I am her designated payee in Thailand. I have not received her 7161 yet. I already e-mailed to Manila and not much help there. Last year I received her form on 24 August which was delayed from the usual june mailing for both of us. Has the law changed or something? Are you still mailing out 7161 forms to Thailand?

Alfred harpule wrote on 23.10.2019 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

I filled out the questionnaire form and registered it 13 June 2019. They said they did not received it and sent me another form in October to fill out which I did. After 4 months the first form I filled out did not return to my post office when it should have been if not received. I am wandering what had happened to my mail at the wilkes barre dffice. Could someone please question it for me, it would very much appreciated. The law is for everyone and I go by the rule of law.Thanks

Michael wrote on 20.10.2019 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

When did your office send the second notice of SSA Form 7162 for retirees in the Philippines? I'm hoping to get it because I have not received the first notice for 2019.

Alfred Harpule wrote on 18.10.2019 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

This is my second review. If there is an issue with the PO Box 7162 Wilkes Barre PA USA please advise me to avoid me from being uncomfortable. If I register or not my questionnaire form from Yallahs PO ST. Thomas Jamaica West Indies, sometimes they said they do not receive it, and they do send me an enclose envelope the Wilkes Barre address. I do not want to assume - but denialism is a person choice to deny reality. we have to be truthful, rich or poor big or small. There a saying that not only the giant oak tree feels the wind, but the least blade of grass that is on the ground. I love law and order. Thank you.

Alfred Harpule wrote on 18.10.2019 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

I have registered mail my questionnaire form to PO. box 7162 Wilkes Barre PA and they said they did not received it and sent me another form. The enclose envelope has this same address. Previously I sent it without being registered and sometimes I have the same problem. I am wandering what is going on.

Enriqueta J Bohanna wrote on 17.10.2019 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

We have just received (date Oct 4th, but arrived yesterday to Spain) a 2nd notice for submitting 7162 form which we lready did on the 3rd July by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt. We indeed got the acknowledgement back with the stamp SSA WBDOC dated Sept 17th. Is it possible to have a phone number to call from Spain and check if the form did arrived? Thank you very much for your help.

Roberto Behncke wrote on 14.10.2019 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

Dear Sir/Madam, you seem to have problems receiving correspondence from other countries into PO Box 7162. I can courier Form 7162 to a person in New Jersey, and they can be mailed to you locally by US priority mail. Please let me know if this is permitted. Many thanks.

Michael Kantz wrote on 09.10.2019 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

Their is a truly amazing, caring, passionate, patient employee in the office of the SSA in Wilkes -barre, PA known to me as only" Kelly"!.
Kelly is a Professional at what she does and really took time with me to straighten out a question I had about my Military Credits that the SSA office in Sumter ,SC could not seem to help me with nor cared enough to wanna take the time to explain!.
To Kelly I say 'Thanks from the bottom of heart for taking the time and help me get the answers to my questions. It truly is a ray of sunshine to talk with someone (Kelly) who knows their job and is as compassionate about it'. Hint to Office Manager...Take notice about Kelly, She really knows her job!.

Vincenzo De Luca wrote on 30.09.2019 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

To whom of competence, I have sent the form Po box 7162 and it has been tarnished back to address not found

eliud w martinez wrote on 15.08.2019 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

donde puedo mandar unos documentos

Sunil Verma wrote on 15.07.2019 and gave a rating 5 of 5:

Finally form 7162 was delivered today and relieving me of anxiety and reinforcing my faith in the system now.

Sunil Verma wrote on 12.07.2019 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

I dispatched form 7162 annual questionnair 15 days back from India by Indian postal service-cum-US postal service with tracking number. The delivery proof from USPS regrets saying they are unable to trace it.
Private couriers Fedex and DHL refuse to deliver to PO box in USA.
From the reviews here I think there is issue with the PO Box 7162 accepting mail.
Please advise how can I ensure guaranteed delivery and get confirmation and avoid suspenstion of my benefits on which my survival depends.
It is serious question with hope to get sincere reply to my e-mail address. Thanks in advance.

Hon H So wrote on 10.07.2019 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

I have the same problem most of the people here reported -- mail to PO Box 7162 was returned as undeliverable. Please post a fix to this problem here or in your FAQ section.

Mesba wrote on 08.07.2019 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

Does anyone at this address ever respond to peoples questions or is this just another deadend for the ssa system? I see you people at the wilkes barre office have been screwing up overseas retires payments for a couple years now. I also see you're trying to blame it on Donald Trump - won't work! Most people know what you're trying to do. Senators are trying to turn a blind eye also and do not respond, but some people will not stop. This priblem will keep being forwarded until some media picks it up.

Kalpana G Shah wrote on 27.06.2019 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

PL provide fax no and email no so we can send form 7162, along with postal box no 7162 - to cnfirm reach of our form, and avoid suspension of benefit. my form missed 2 times in 2018. which i send through indian post. This is not comment but suggestion.

Maria Magdalena Ramirez Vda de Estrada wrote on 25.06.2019 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

good afternoon my name is Maria Magdalena Ramirez I am a beneficiary of the social, and I have a question I have received a correspondence where they ask me to update information, and that I must send it as soon as possible. My question is the following, where I should send correspondence, I write from El Salvador.
Maria Magdalena Ramirez

Philip Ken Freeman wrote on 24.06.2019 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

I am American but living in Thailand . I sent form SSA-7162-OCR-SM about a month ago . We tracked it to U.S. but I am wondering if it was received . THANKS Phil.

RS wrote on 04.06.2019 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

* * * Use the following website to deal with the Social Security Administration when living outside of the USA * * *
www . ssa . gov / foreign
(type this link in manually, it will not work by clicking on it here).

If the link does not show up, simply use Google to search for "Social Security Administration, Office of Earnings & International Operations".

Luis Gonzalo Castillo ( Hija-Georgina Castillo) wrote on 17.05.2019 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

Nuevamente comunicándome con ustedes con carácter de URGENCIA y en representación de mi Sr. padre Luis Gonzalo Castillo, ciudadano Americano, quien se encuentra a mi cargo como se los he comentado en cartas anteriores enviadas en el mes de: febrero, marzo y abril del presente año; el por su edad (89 años) no lo puede hacer.
Por favor mi padre no viene recibiendo su: pago de beneficio de Jubilación desde el mes de Enero 2019, en pocos días estaremos en el mes de Junio y serian 5 meses de esta suspensión, pido con urgencia su pronta atención puesto que esta restricción de un momento a otro nos está afectando les repito mi padre está a mi cargo y debo solventar sus necesidades mensuales de: visita médica mensual, medicina, alimentación, útiles personales, pañales, cremas, pañitos etc, etc... Ya hemos cumplido con enviarles la Forma SSA-561-U2 solicitada.
Para concluir agradeceré enviar a mi domicilio: Perú, como lo he indicado en la Forma SSA-561-U2 cualquier tipo de información o documento de interés para mi padre por estar a mi cargo.
Quedamos a la espera de pronta respuesta.
Muchas gracias por su atención.

Luis Gonzalo Castillo Georgina L. Castillo U. de Vidaurre

Luis Gonzalo Castillo ( Hija-Georgina Castillo) wrote on 17.05.2019 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

Again communicating with you as an URGENCY and on behalf of my Mr. Luis Gonzalo Castillo, an American citizen, who is in my charge as I have mentioned in previous letters sent in the month of: February, March and April of this year. year; He can not do it because of his age (89 years).
Please, my father has not received his: retirement benefit payment since January 2019, in a few days we will be in the month of June and it would be 5 months of this suspension, I urgently request your prompt attention since this restriction of a moment to another is affecting us I repeat my father is in charge and I have to solve your monthly needs: monthly medical visit, medicine, food, personal supplies, diapers, creams, wipes etc, etc ... We have already complied with sending them the Form SSA-561-U2 requested.
To conclude, I would appreciate sending to my address: ........., as I have indicated in Form SSA-561-U2 any type of information or document of interest to my father be in my charge.
We are waiting for a quick response.
Thank you very much for your attention.


Sandra L. Malia wrote on 08.04.2019 and gave a rating 5 of 5:

I just spoke to a lovely helpful employee by the name of Michelle. She was unable to help me (no fault of hers) but put me in the correct direction and gave in information on what to do if I do not get what I need from the other source.

Claudio Pellitteri wrote on 16.03.2019 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

I am in American citizen living in Italy if I do not receive my 7162 form this summer will I be able to fill one out at the consulate in Naples?

Leonardus H. Tacke wrote on 08.03.2019 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

Dear Sir, Madam,
Received and completed Form SSA-7162 and returned (by registered mail) to Wilkes-Barre in the enclosed envelope August 1 2018. Never heard anything until I received a stack of old mail from our postal office in the Philippines a few days ago, in which I found 2 letters, one with a second notice and another one telling me that my retirement benefit can not longer be paid. Indeed it stopped 2 months ago.
In reading the reviews, it seems that the process of sending/receiving/administering the 7162 document is broken somewhere. Results, dozens, maybe a lot more people are not receiving their benefits.
What is it that you are planning to do about this and what do you advise us to do next?
Appreciate and answer, thank you, Leo Tacke

Luis Gonzalo Castillo ( Hija-Georgina Castillo) wrote on 20.02.2019 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

Estimados, el día de ayer tuve la oportunidad de escribir por este medio en representación de mi padre Luis Gonzalo Castillo de 89 años, pero observo algunos errores ortográficos: En conclusión lo que he querido decirles, es que se le ha suspendido la pensión de jubilación a mi Sr. Padre, y como comprenderán por su edad el no lo puede escribir. En la carta enviada el 24 de Enero 2019 por la SSA, nos indican que se le ha suspendido su pensión porque no hemos devuelto la Forma "Report to United States Social Security Administration" (2018), pero lamentablemente no hemos recibido ese documento, Por favor agradeceremos su pronta gestión y ayuda a mi padre para restablecer su pensión ya que es muy importante para el para sus medicinas, atención médica etc. etc. en realidad está siendo afectado, nuestra preocupación es que los días pasan, ya pronto termina el mes de Febrero 2019 y serian dos meses que no recibiría su pensión. Por favor su ayuda urgente enviándonos un N° de fax o correo directo para podernos comunicar lo antes posible, por favor su ayuda urgente, Nosotros nos encontramos en Perú.
Muchas gracias.
Georgina L. Castillo Uribe (hija)

Luis Gonzalo Castillo ( Hija-Georgina Castillo) wrote on 20.02.2019 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

Soy Georgina L. Castillo Uribe, y me dirijo a ustedes en nombre y representación de mi Sr. padre Luis Gonzalo Castillo, ciudadano Americano, quien se encuentra a mi cargo; como comprenderán el por su edad (89 años), no lo puede hacer.
El motivo de la presente es nuestra preocupación por no haber recibido su beneficio de pensión de jubilación correspondiente a Enero 2019.
Según carta enviada por ustedes el 24 de Enero en la que señalan que mi padre no ha devuelto el formulario “Report to United States Social Security Administration”, lamentablemente en esta oportunidad no nos ha llegado este documento.
Hace aproximadamente 3 días pude comunicarme telefónicamente al 1-800-772-1213, me atendió la Srta. Cris muy amablemente y le pude explicar la situación en que nos encontramos, me ayudó indicándome que era muy probable que ha sido retenido el depósito de jubilación por no haber completado la forma 7162.
Así mismo les envío copias como constancia que siempre hemos recibido y devuelto la forma 7162, desde el año 2013 que cuido a mi padre.
Les agradeceremos mi padre y yo, y pedimos por favor su pronta gestión ayudándonos a que se restablezca lo antes posible el envío de la pensión de mi papá ya que es una necesidad muy importante para poder sustentar sus necesidades mensuales principalmente: medicina, alimentación y útiles personales.
Para concluir, si hay algo que debamos regularizar, quedamos a la espera de su comunicación; asi mismo solicito por favor enviar a mi domicilio cualquier tipo de información o documento que mi padre tenga que devolver, porque soy yo quien se encarga de todos sus trámites, dado que se encuentra a mi cargo y velo por su bienestar.
Georgina L. Castillo U. de Vidaurre (hija)

Jim Stoup wrote on 17.02.2019 and gave a rating 1 of 5:

I've been reading the horror stories of other overseas recipients of S.S.A. benefits.

In my case, I was unaware of Form SSA-7162-OCR-SM until my funds were cut off on February 4, 2019. I never received the damned thing in the mail. The Philippine postal system is a sham, or did you already know that (which is why you persist in mailing the form)?

When I registered my Philippine address with the U.S. Embassy last year, nobody told me about the form.

...and you're going to rely on "snail mail" all the way from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, to the Philippines and back?!! Has anyone in your office ever heard of email? That's how I do business with my California bank. If there's a form I need to fill out, it's emailed to me. I then print it out, complete and sign it, and then email it back as a photo copy. If my bank can do business that way, then WHY THE HELL CAN'T YOU?!!

I've already informed my Congressperson and my two U.S. Senators of your stupidity. Next on my list of contacts are the members of the House Ways & Means Subcommittee on Social Security. I won't be satisfied until
this travesty is corrected.

Stephen Watson wrote on 13.02.2019 and gave a rating 1 of 5:

I mailed in my SSA questionnaire form in the pre-addressed envelope that SSA provided, from Italy where I reside, that I received from SSA stating my benefits will be cut off if I did not return in 30 days. It was returned to me by the USA post office (return to sender, unable to forward). I got it back 4 months after I mailed it. Why didn't the PO deliver it? did you change PO Box numbers? Why in God's name can't the PO figure this out?

Clinton Siegle wrote on 08.02.2019 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

Can someone help or is this site not being monitored?
What is the fax number for this place?

Don Lahti wrote on 08.02.2019 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

I reside in Thailand and have stopped receiving my social security payments this month. I was never informed about completing a SSA-7162-OCR-SM and never receive any documentation from SSA to date although I provided my physical/mailing address and all necessary contacts. Now I have no benefits until I can sort this out myself with no assistance from Manila.

Luciano Mezzetta wrote on 31.01.2019 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

The two Federal Enforcement Questionnaires that I sent to the SSA office here in the pre-addressed envelopes provided by SSA can back with the note that they were "undeliverable and could not be forwarded" !!! Here we have one governmental agency stating that the mailbox of another is undeliverable. I have written to a United States Senator to investigate this ridiculous state of affairs which is wasting the time and money of Americans living over seas.

Mike Garrison wrote on 22.01.2019 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

My comments regarding the system and Manila's response to requests. I did not receive either copy of Form SSA7162 for 2018 and only realised it was missing when I asked Manila about late check delivery and they replied telling me to send in Form 7162 and to request another copy from Manila if I didn't receive the form. I have requested it 5 times over the last 2 weeks. Each time I get an automated reply saying they would respond within 5 days (never happened). So I then tried calling them (from my home in Bangkok). Got through to the Embassy switchboard (automated voice) which forwarded me to the extension 10 times with the extension being busy (but I got to pay for the call each time). I managed to get thru to the SSA extension (9) one time but was told all employees were busy and to leave a message and they would respond within 2 days (which never happened).

So I downloaded a blank 7162 and have filled it in not knowing if it would be accepted but of course have no "enclosed envelope". And I have read some horror stories about letter taking months to reach Wilkes-Barre so I guess I am hoping the snail mail makes its way to an address I will get from the webpage or wherever.

In this day and age depending on postal delivery instead of email with electronic signature is Neanderthal at best. What century are they in?

William David Ettinger wrote on 21.12.2018 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

I stopped getting my Social Security payments this month in December 2018. I contacted the Manila office via email but have not had any response as to what is happening or why payments were not received this month. I live in Indonesia and have not found a way to track payments online from here. Is there a way to find out what is happening online from overseas?
I also saw the other comments regarding the 7162 forms, I have not received any forms to fill out and send. Is there a way to email these signed forms (I downloaded from online) to the Social Security Administration as the post office here in Indonesia will not deliver to a PO Box and requires a physical address (they outsource USA mail to DHL).
Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
William David Ettinger

Edward Leasure wrote on 10.12.2018 and gave a rating 5 of 5:

I have a debilitating health problem. I am currently living in the Philippines. It seems there are very many problems and a great amount of incompetence when dealing with the SSA in the Philippines. One problem is he SSA in PA sent a second request for 7162 yearly report. The SSA claims they never received my first 7162 form that I already sent in a long time ago. I already sent in the second request as well.
I received my second request now (December 2018) in the Philippines, but the 7162 form I received was dated beginning of October 2018. It took 2 months to get to me through the mail, so I guess that means it will take 2 months to get back to the SSA in Pennsylvania in the mail. A round trip total of 4 months. The mail in the philippines is noted for its slowness and for being corrupted. Will this slowness cause a problem for me in any way or get my benefits cut off?
I received the first 7162 form in end of august of 2018. The form was dated June 2018 showing it took 2 months to get to me. I sent it in to SSA in PA, but they claim they did not get it.
Before I ever received any requests from the SSA for the 7162, I downloaded the form, filled it out, and sent it to my caseworker in the Philippines. The caseworker claims she sent it to them with other forms I needed to fill out at that time. I am guessing the SSA is saying they never received that form either since they keep sending me forms.
In either case, the SSA in the U.S. embassy of the Philippines is still part of the U.S. government even if the caseworkers are filipinos, therefore they received my 7162 since my caseworker confirmed receiving it. That shows I did my part. So what is really going on?
I had all of the 7162 forms scanned and copied as backup for which I sent to my caseworker in the philippines via mail and via e-mail. I told her the problem and I asked her to inform SSA in PA. She claims she had done so and also electronically.
It is very hard to find out anything one way or the other from the SSA because they make it very hard to do so. In the Philippines my caseworker will take many days or weeks to get back to me, then her reply has nothing to do with the topic I asked about. Other times she does not give complete info and I have to break it down over several emails or phonecalls over weeks to get a simple complete answer. I am always getting auto messages from her saying she will be out of office for that long length of time.
All it does is add stress and worry to my already existing health problems and to my family as well. Can something be done to make life easier on a disabled person? Thank you for understanding.

Marcia Fern wrote on 30.11.2018 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

My social security number is 428-93-XXXX and I live in Australia.
I received the 1st form 7162 for June after I returned from the US in August. I filled it out and mailed it on Aug 4th. On October 24th (dated 4th Oct) I received a 2nd form 7162 saying the I had failed to send the 1st one. I then sent the second one and a copy of the 1st one via registered post, another one via regular post and now another via Express Post that has tracking. The USPS is having trouble finding where to deliver it to the address you supplied. Since I was given a time frame and a possible payment cutoff threat, I am trying to find out if you have received my forms. After a 2 hour phone call to US Social Security, they said they could not tell me.

Pablo Enrique Rojas San Martìn wrote on 22.11.2018 and gave a rating 5 of 5:

Estimados señores, les informo que he enviado el formulario 7162 a la oficina regional de San Josè por correo electrònico y a ustedes por correo postal, ambos el dìa de ayer 21 de Noviembre. Lamentablemente no lo hice antes porque la primera forma nunca la recibì y la segunda forma la recibì muy tardìamente. Les informo para que no se me suspenda el pago de mis beneficios. Atentamente, Pablo Enrique Rojas San Martin

Pablo Enrique Rojas San Martin wrote on 22.11.2018 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

Mi social es 595-93-XXXX Y vivo en La Perla-Callao-PERU y quiero informarles que el primer formulario 7162 nunca lo recibì y el segundo la recibì en 14 del mes en curso y lo enviè ayer 21 de Noviembre por correo electrònico a la oficina regional de San Josè y tambièn por correo postal a su direcciòn en Wilkes Barre PA 18767-7162. Les doy esta informaciòn para que no me suspendan el pago de mis beneficios, ya que en 10 a 15 dias ustedes recibiràn por correo el formulario. Atentamente, Pablo Enrique Rojas San Martìn

Herbert Hieke wrote on 16.11.2018 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

Dear Madam and Sir,
I wrote to your Office by letter on October 2nd 2018 to the address: SSA PO BOX 7161 Wilkes Barre PA 18767-7161
It was abaut matters of Mrs. Irene Zeschin and I added in a copy of a Germany Court document that sais that Mrs. S.Schmidt-Mian is no longer on Duty regarding cases of Mrs. Irene Zeschin. Did you receive my letter and is it ok. or do I have to go to the General Konsulat in Munich, Bavaria handling in this matter? Hope to get soon an answer from you.
Best Regards
Herbert Hieke
P.S. Sorry about my English, it´s not my mother tongue.

Mark Shumate wrote on 09.11.2018 and gave a rating 5 of 5:

Hello my name is Mark Lee Shumate I am living in the Philippines I don't receive my mail here from American I got my 7162 proof of life form filed out can I fax it to you guys please could I have a FAX NUMBER please thank you very much.
Yours Truly Mark Lee Shumate

Mercedes M Lehigh wrote on 07.11.2018 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

I need a replacement card to apply for pre-verification for a PA driver's license Real ID; I do not want to put my personal info on line and want to go to the Wilkes-Barre office to file a request for my card. I have tried to call the office for an appointment BUT only can get the 800 number which is a waste of my time and yours. My ratihng is for your system I have not been to the office!!!!!!

Angela Schmidt wrote on 31.10.2018 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

I have received a second request of 7162. I have sent back the first one. Is it possible, that you have received it in the meantime? I live in Germany and it might have taken a longer time to get to you. If not, is there any other way to make this information available to you? I am 84 years old and in the future I will neither change my citizenship, nor my country of residence, nor will change my marital status nor will I be able to work.

Reg Fulton wrote on 29.10.2018 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

I received a"2nd Notice" to fillout and send the 7162 form back.

I never received the "1st notice".
And you threaten to cut my social security payments if 'YOU" don't receive it soon.

I filled out the form and sent it by registered mail. Will "YOU" notify me when "YOU" receive the form?

What do I do if "YOU" don't receive the form or "YOU" make some other human error and stop my SSA payments?

Can you direct ME to a help center for this possibility? After reading the comments on this website, I now worry.

Mike Monett wrote on 23.10.2018 and gave a rating 5 of 5:

I have a debilitating disease that makes it impossible to go to the post office. All my friends have died and I have no one to take my form to the post office. You will cut off my payments if I don't reply.

Is there any other way such as email that I can send this form to you?

sandra martinez wrote on 19.10.2018 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

you stopped my payments ,im in colombia right now ,e mailto costa rica , didnt get an answer

thanks a lot
sandra martinez

Chung wrote on 19.10.2018 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

I had received the form ssa 7162 and I sent back the complete form. But It has been returned to home because of unable to forward. Is there any ohter places that I can send it again? Or can I scan it sending by mail?
Thank you for your help in advance.

Rudy Membreno wrote on 07.10.2018 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

I mailed by scanned electronic mail to san jose costa rica regional office my 7162 form since i live in Nicaragua and sent original form by mail to p.o box 7162 Wilkes Barre, Penn.I specified a change of address. I followed the instructions of U.S embassy webbsite information of san jose regional. I just want to know if you received it. I don´t want to have my benefits cut off in january. I cant travel to costa rica because i also take care of my mother who also receives benefits she is 88 years old. please help me.

scotty muncey wrote on 06.10.2018 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

This form should be gotten rid of. If you want to know if I am still alive why not have us call ! When I call the SSA ( after a 2 hour wait ) you ask questions to make sure it is who we say we are. The 7162 is always late getting to us here in the Philippines and always trouble for you receiving it back even when I use the American Embassy. Please save paper and stop putting so much unneeded pressure on older retired people. Stop the form 7162 and use a phone call instead.

COLACICCO GRAZIETTA wrote on 02.10.2018 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

Dear Mr/Ms,
I've received your envelope but I only recieved the first page and the report to be filled in is missing. May you kindly send it by email so that I can provide to fill it in and to return soon by mail. Many thanks and kind regards
Colacicco Grazietta

COLACICCO GRAZIETTA wrote on 24.09.2018 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

Dear Mr/Ms,
I've received your envelope but I only recieved the first page and the report to be filled in is missing. May you kindly send it by email so that I can provide to fill it in and to return soon by mail. Many thanks and kind regards
Colacicco Grazietta

MEHMED MEHMEDI wrote on 03.09.2018 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

Dear Mr/Ms,
We sent the form to your office address on June 2018. The form was completed end signed by Mehmed Mehmedi. On August 2018 the envelop was returned to his home address - unable to forward. Can we scan the form and sent to your e-mail address?
Biljana Sarafiloska

Michael wrote on 23.08.2018 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

I mailed back the Form 7162 via registered mail on June 20, 2018 but it was only delivered on August 17, 2018 due to USPS mishandling the mail. My question now is whether or not that still falls within the 60-day time limit for sending back the form.

Thank you for your response.

Valentin Lalov wrote on 22.08.2018 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

Hi, I mailed my SSA 7162 completed form to SSA , PO box 7162 Wilkes Barre, PA 18767-7162, but it was returned to me as undeliverable. I need your help, please advise where to mail it. Currently I am living in Bulgaria. Thanks,

Bruce Maltzman wrote on 16.08.2018 and gave a rating 5 of 5:

Could you please list the address to which a completed representative report is mailed?

Tessa Pantaleon wrote on 03.08.2018 and gave a rating 5 of 5:

I would like to ask if you received my grand father’s return letter? The mail took it so long to be delivered. Please accept. Requesting for your positive response through my email. Thanks!

Nafiz Hijazi wrote on 29.07.2018 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

Hello ; kindly note that I was late in receiving my “ survival benefits “ form and did not send it right on time ; actually I am almost 2 months late because the for # ssa 7162 was lost in the mail. Can I pls fax this form to your office immediatey ; I need a fax number , also how can I call you from overseas , I am not use the 800 numbers. Thx

Rita Marcouiller wrote on 25.07.2018 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

Hello, my mother filled out the 7162 form and returned to your office in the envelop included. Unfortunately, the form came back saying on the envelope "Return to sender undeliverable as addressed unable to forward. I am wonderimg if the address has been changed lately. The address on the envelope is SSA PO Box 7162 Wilkes Barre PA 18767-7162 USA Please let me know what address we should use. Thank you.

Mike wrote on 24.07.2018 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

Is there a way of confirming your receipt of the completed Form 7162 which I sent back to your office (PO Box 7162) on June 20th, 2018, an email address or a phone number to call, perhaps? Thank you.

Cindy wrote on 23.07.2018 and gave a rating 1 of 5:

I tried several times to call and both times call wait was over 1 hour. I am trying to call for my mother and but I work a FT job. She is unable to call so I guess that's how they save money by not paying benefits! How are you supposed to get ahold of anyone!? Should be able to speak to someone in local office/region.

I need to speak with an agent about a spouse's passing wrote on 20.07.2018 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

I need to speak with an agent at the Wilkes-Barre office about a spouse's passing and subsequent benefits. Can I make an appointment?

Terri a evans wrote on 11.07.2018 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

I'm trying too send a form to ssadministracion thrue DHL they will not deliver to a POBox regular mail won't get too you pretty pour

Kenneth R. Sher wrote on 08.07.2018 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

I have mailed my ss 7162 form to the wilkes-barre p.o. box using the self-addressed envelope, but am concerned because the form reached me after some delay (it was delivered to a neighbor, who only now realized he had it). is there an alternative way to send the form? (actually a scanned copy, the original is in the mail). email would be best, but even a fax address would work if necessary. thank you from tel aviv.

Benjamin Espindola Zarazua wrote on 15.03.2018 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

El dia 06 de febrero se envio la forma SSA-7162-OCR-SM, me habia llegado 3 dias antes, pero a partir del mes de febrero deje de recibir mis beneficios, soy de Guanajuato, Mexico, Quisiera saber el motivo? o que es lo que tengo que hacer para que me depositen las pensiones que me faltan, debido a que cumpli con el envio de la forma y no veo la razon por la cual dejaron de depositarme.

gracias, quedo en espera de su respuesta

Carolyn lombardo wrote on 13.02.2018 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

I would like an email address so I may send my 7161 form to you as snail mail takes longer and my social security has already been stopped this month. I live in Australia., thank you, carolyn

Robert Cramer Ross wrote on 08.12.2017 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

Dear Sir or Madam

Several months ago I filled out this form SSA-7162-OCR-SM and sent the form registered mail to the SSA in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania as per instructions. I have never received a confirmation that you received the form.

Now I have just received another letter from Wilkes Barre SSA saying that they never received this form. You have now sent me another form and said they were going to cut off my benefits if not completed and sent to you. I completed the new form and sent it back to you register mail again. But it will take at least 15 days to get there. Probably longer due to the Christmas mail traffic. And I have absolutely NO confidence that this form will be received any better than the first one.

This is the second year in a row I have had this problem. Last year my benefits were cut off even though I sent in the completed form as directed. Fortunately, Quito, Ecuador FBU helped me immediately by me sending them a scanned copy of the complete form. My benefits were reinstated quickly. Now Quito does not answer my concern because they are not answering SSA questions. The SSA Regional Office for South America is now handling all SSA issues and I have sent an email to them alerting them of my problem. I also see that that this is not an isolated case. I have read other complaints similar to mine on your website.

I want to make sure that there is no issue going into 2018 with the continuation of my SSA monthly benefits. I need assurance that my benefits will continue. I have a family to provide for and SSA benefits are my only income.

Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this matter.

Thank You,

Robert Cramer Ross
Jr. Jose A. Sucre 515
Urbanizacion: San Rafael
Distrito: San Juan Lurigancho

Jay Carl Dillon wrote on 06.12.2017 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

S.S.A.Wilkes-Barre has not sent the necessary forms, SSA7161 or SSA7162 to my wife and son at Nuning / Jonathan Dillon Bogor Narwana Residence Blok G No.5 Rt/RW 010 Rangga Mekar Bogor Selatan 16135 Indonesia in 10+ months. Please review Claim # 8378HC1 and expedite!!!!!!!!!.

Diandrea Horton Abell wrote on 22.11.2017 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

I received 2nd notice, yesterday, November 21. I sent completed form by US Postal Certified Mail the same day. The clerk said delivery will be in 7 to 10 working days. This form was mailed to me on Oct 4 so is already past the 45 day period to return. All answers remain "no" on the form as have been in prior years. I read the notation the delay may effect my SS monthly check. I thank you in advance for your consideration of my request to not stop the December deposit. Sincerely, D. Abell

Clintno Siegle wrote on 09.11.2017 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

form 7162 second notice received November 6. 1. I did not receive first notice. 2. First the link which I was using no longer works for foreign residence.
Second embassy La Paz per statement no longer works with the Social Security as of Oct 1st.
Third Costa Rica social security which I have been directed to use does not reply to any of the seven form written to them. I have mailed the forms. Can I get a reply, do i need anything else. thanks

Amin Dosani wrote on 28.10.2017 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

I am also not able to open my account because it is asking for my USA address but I reside in Kenya. I do not have a USA address. Please advise. Thanks.

Amin Dosani wrote on 28.10.2017 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

Please confirm your correct mailing address. It seems like the address on the envelope as P.O. Box 7162, Wilkes Barre, PA 18767-7162 is being returned undeliverable. I am mailing a letter from Nairobi, Kenya. Please respond to my email asap. Thanks.

Rosa Maria Ruiz Velasco wrote on 25.10.2017 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

We live in Guadalajara, Mexico. Today I received the form SSA-7161-OCRM-SM or OMB No. 0960-0049 dated October. 04, 2017 to return them replied no later than 45 days.
Unfortunately, our mail is poor. If I send this questionnaire by plane to P.O. Box 7161 in Wilkes Barre, PA, it will be received in 60 days !!! Another option is to send you certified mail with acknowledgment of receipt and in this case, in 15 days you receive it, but .... do not accept it with only the PO box no., THE COMPLETE ADDRESS IS REQUIRED.
Please, can you send it to my email? [email protected] Or if you can give me a phone number to fax it. (which I hope this is legal), but I would also send the original to the postal box. In other words, it would be 2 shipments. It is simply time saving and that you receive the report within the time limit.
Thank you in advance for your response.

Dolores S. Herrera wrote on 19.10.2017 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

Please advise if you received my Mom`s SSA-7162 signed form. Mailed on 15/Sep/2017 from Mexico thru regular mail, (Fedex nor UPS accepts delivery to a PO Box address in the US)regular mail takes several weeks to send from Mexico to US. Track no. is RC489624456MX, worried that it arrives before 60 day limit.

Maria lucia cox wrote on 29.07.2017 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

Need to find a fax number direct to send my form 7162 i mailed and the post office has not delivery it.
Looking for all the ppossibleways i have already expended 200 hundred dollars. If i dont get payed how i m going to stand? I m writting my tracking number fir you to find it please. RR092833921BR IT IS IN THE states sence 7-12-2017.
Please let me know today the fax number.

Dr. Hubert Hechabarria wrote on 09.07.2017 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

Dear Sr.Madam:

Please advise me if any one has an email address for Social Security Administration, PO BOX 7162 Wilkes Barre PA 18767-7162 United States.

I am an American citizen who retired to Panama, Republic of Panama.

Thanks in advance.

Dr. Hubert Hechabarria

Richard Forinash wrote on 27.06.2017 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

Hi I need a Fax # please so instead of mailing my 7162 Form to you I can just Fax it in. I was living in the US but I'm a Retired Teacher now living in the Philippines. The cost of of a Registered letter from here to there is $20.

Thank You

christine samatas wrote on 26.06.2017 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

When I returned my ssaform 7162 10days ago I forgot to put stamps on it before I put it in the mailbox.
I called the po office here and they said they stamp it and bill me.Now I am worried it hasn´t reached its destination with you. I would so appreciate if you would let me know if you got it or mail me a new one.
Kindly yours!
christine samatas
sörbäcksgatan40 21625 Malmö Sweden

nail mINAI wrote on 31.07.2016 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

Send response to questionnaire back to SS Admin june 16. Came back a month later -- "not delivarable as addressed.. The envelope was a pre addressed SS admin envelop with POBOX 7162
Wilkes Barre PA 18767-7162.
WHAT SHALL I DO. i don't want my payment halted for technicality.

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