Social Security Forms

Form 6559 Transmitter Report and Summary of Magnetic Media
Form 6559-A Continuation Sheet for Form 6559
IRS Form 8821 Form and Guidance for Appealing Your Medicare Part B Income-Related Monthly Adjustment Amount
SF-1199A Direct Deposit Sign-Up Form
SSA-3 Marriage Certification
SSA-3-SP Certificacion De Matrimonio
SS-5 Application for a Social Security Card
SS-5-FS Application for a Social Security Card
SS-5-SP Solicitud Para una Tarjeta de Seguro Social
SSA-11 Request to Be Selected As Payee
SSA-21 Supplement to Claim of Person Outside the United States
SSA-44 Medicare Part B Income-Related Premium - Life-Changing Event
SSA-61 Request For A Review By A Federal Reviewing Official
SSA-131 Employer Report of Special Wage Payments
SSA-150 Modified Benefits Formula Questionnaire
SSA-308 Modified Benefits Formula Questionnaire, Foreign Pension
SSA-437 Discrimination Complaint
SSA-521 Request for Withdrawal of Application
SSA-545 Plan for Achieving Self-Support
SSA-546 Worker's Compensation/Public Disability Questionnaire
SSA-561-U2 Request for Reconsideration
SSA-561-U2-SP Solicitud Para Reconsideración
SSA-604 Certificate of Incapacity
SSA-632 Request for Waiver of Overpayment Recovery
SSA-671 Railroad Employment Questionnaire
SSA-711 Request for Deceased Individual's Social Security Record
SSA-714 You Can Make Your Payment by Credit Card
SSA-723 Statement Regarding the Inferred Death of an Individual
SSA-781 Certificate of Responsibility for Welfare and Care of Child
SSA-782 Form has been replaced by form SSA-3441-BK
SSA-783 Statement Regarding Contributions
SSA-788 Statement of Care and Responsibility for Beneficiary
SSA-789 Request for Reconsideration - Disability Cessation
SSA-795 Statement of Claimant or Other Persons
SSA-820 Work Activity Report (Self-Employed)
SSA-821 Work Activity Report, Employee
SSA-827 Authorization to Disclose Information to SSA
SSA-1020 Application for Help with Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Costs
SSA-1021 Appeal of Determination for Help with Medicare Prescription Drug Costs
SSA-1021-INST Instructions for Completing the Appeal of Determination for Help with Medicare Prescription Drug Costs
SSA-1021-INST-SP Apelación de la determinación para recibir ayuda con los gastos de los Planes de Recetas Médicas de Medicare - Instrucciones
SSA-1021-SP Apelación de la determinación para recibir ayuda con los gastos de los Planes de Recetas Médicas de Medicare
SSA-1372-BK Advance Notice of Termination of Child's Benefits
SSA-1560 Petition to Obtain Approval of a Fee for Representing a Claimant
SSA-1694 Request for Business Entity Taxpayer Information
SSA-1695 Identifying Information for Possible Direct Payment of Authorized Fees
SSA-1696 Appointment of Representative
SSA-1699 Request for Appointed Representative's Direct Payment Information
SSA-1724 Claim for Amounts Due in Case of a Deceased Beneficiary
SSA-1945 Statement Concerning Your Employment in a Job Not Covered by Social Security
SSA-2000 Application for Special Benefits for World War II Veterans
SSA-2032-BK Request for Waiver of Special Veterans Benefits (SVB) Overpayment Recovery or Change in Repayment Rate
SSA-2512 Pre-1957 Military Service Federal Benefit Questionnaire
SSA-2519 Child Relationship Statement
SSA-3288 Consent for Release of Information
SSA-3368 Online Version of Adult Disability Report
SSA-3369 Work History Report
SSA-3381 Medical and Job Worksheet - Adult
SSA-3441-BK Disability Report - Appeal
SSA-3441-BK (Internet Version) Disability Report - Appeal
SSA-3820 Disability Report, Child
SSA-3881 Questionnaire for Children Claiming SSI Benefits
SSA-3885 Government Pension Questionnaire
SSA-4162 Child Care Dropout Questionnaire
SSA-4184 Self Employment Corporate Officer Questionnaire
SSA-5665-BK Teacher Questionnaire
SSA-5666 Request for Administrative Information
SSA-7004 Request for Social Security Statement
SSA-7004-SP Solicitud de Declaración de Ganancias
SSA-7008 Request for Correction of Earnings Record
SSA-7050 Request for Social Security Information
SSA-7104 Partnership Questionnaire
SSA-7156 Farm Self Employment Questionnaire
SSA-7157 Farm Arrangement Questionnaire
SSA-7163 Questionnaire About Employment or Self Employment Outside the US
SSA-7163A Statement Regarding Farming Activities of Persons Living Outside US