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You can reach Social Security Office in Anchorage, Alaska at the following street address and contact number, as well as using directions below. Please, share your experience about visiting this office, provide a review using the form at the end of this page.


Room A11, 222 W 8th Ave
99513, Anchorage, Alaska

Phone: Phone: 1-866-772-3081 TTY: 1-907-271-4799 National Toll-Free : 1-800-772-1213
Worktime: Monday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Tuesday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Wednesday 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Thursday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Friday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
Except Federal Holidays
Directions: Corner Of 8th Ave & C St In The Federal Building Annex In Downtown Ancho Rage - Building Is Partially Underground And Has Windows At Street Level . Office Is At Bottom Of Inside Ramp In Room A-11
W 4th Ave and C St0.8 mi - 3 mins
Anchorage, AK, USA
0.8 mi - 3 mins
1. Head north on I St toward W 4th Ave
184 ft
2. Take the 1st right onto W 4th Ave
0.4 mi
3. Turn right onto C St
0.3 mi
4. Turn left onto W 8th Ave
Destination will be on the right
207 ft
Room A11, 222 W 8th Ave99513, , Anchorage, Alaska

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Reviews, complaints and questions

Overall rating of this office:

rose wrote on 24.03.2022 and gave a rating 1 of 5:

none of the numbers work or is answered. I called 10 times and no one picks up..???

anna albert wrote on 23.02.2022 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

I am unsure on what I still need to do, I have not gotten a call back regarding my mothers SSI-D status, I needed to call back in regards of other additional funds to give that info. Can one you call me ASAP?

steve wrote on 14.11.2019 and gave a rating 1 of 5:

sat in line for over 2 hours to get my social security card corrected. I gave them my current ID/AKDL and my birth certificate. I got my new and STILL INCORRECT ssc in the mail. Ridiculous, and now I can't get a hold of ANYONE in the Anchorage office. This is THEIR error! So infuriating!

Elissa Newell wrote on 03.09.2019 and gave a rating 1 of 5:

I sent in my SS paperwork for a name change over a month ago! I was told it would take up to 10 business days. I need to get a hold of someone in the Anchorage office ASAP. I can't go ahead with other important documents for work, etc. until I get my new card. Plus you have my passport, marriage license, and birth certificate. Things which I need soon! Please give me a number to call/answer my phone calls. Don't send me to the National Line.

Sandy Leavitt wrote on 31.07.2019 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

i was wondering after my son was born june 17 , 2019 i filled out the paper at the hospital for his birth certificate it had asked if the child will need a social security number and i marked yes after the lady came and picked it up before my discharge am i suppose to fill out a paper to receive his social security card after i get his birth certificate? or was it going to be mailed out? i don't remember how i did my first born child to get his card.

Sherry L Brower wrote on 30.11.2018 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

I have been trying to change my address for weeks with no success. I don't understand why this is so hard to get done

Ward Romans wrote on 15.11.2018 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

Can I make an appointment with someone to discuss questions I have about my social security account?

Judith McDonald-Link wrote on 19.10.2018 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

What is the name of the Anchorage Social Security Administration's chief officer. I have been attempting to obtain a replacement of the latest published SSN card, as it was shredded in error, since July 2018. This should have been taken care of in July. Instead I was sent an SSN numerical card, not the latest published SSN card.I have been advised to contact the Chief Officer of the Anchorage SSA.

How does one contact the Chief Officer, if there is no listing for that individual?

Taren Jones wrote on 22.08.2018 and gave a rating 1 of 5:

Ive been trying to get ahold of the anchorage office for my sons ssn card after he was born 3/12/18. I sent two different completed applications with MY IDs, My sons immunization records, Medicaid card, pretty much everything you need to identify myself and my son again in February 2018. Its 8/22/18 and I still haven't received anything back. They tell me to go into the office but that's 2 plane rides away!

Phillip Matafele wrote on 09.08.2018 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

I am very upset and frustrated that the employees at the SSA in Anchorage Alaska have the ability to alter the sequence in the waiting process. I have gone to the SSA for a replacement card 3 times this month and the excuse that used is because of the type of request but that is ERRONEOUS! I stood in a long line and pulled a number which means this facility operates on a first come first served basis. Not a “I can serve who I want” basis. I want this issue resolved and I want my concerns addressed immediately! There is no reason as to why it is so difficult to obtain a replacement SSC and there is no excuse as to why someone who has waited in line to be skipped because of someone else’s request. Speak to your employees and ensure they understand that what they are doing is wrong and there is NO REASON WHY SOMEONE WHO TOOK THE DAY OFF, AGAIN- SHOULD HAVE TO WAIT ALL DAY JUST TO BE SKIPPED. FIX THIS IMMEDIATELY!!

Dennis Sprague wrote on 07.12.2017 and gave a rating 1 of 5:

NONE of the local phone numbers for the SS offices in Ketchikan, Juneau or Fairbanks are operational. "This number is no longer in service," recordings. Anchorage office does NOT answer its phone. IOW, contacting SS by phone in Alaska ISN'T possible. I am sure, though, that all SS personnel draw their paycheck without a hitch.

Dennis Sprague wrote on 07.12.2017 and gave a rating 1 of 5:

The people (person) in the Anchorage office does NOT answer the phone. All calls are forwarded to the national call center. Wait time at the national center is AT LEAST one (1) hour. National center refers you to the local office. Gubbermint "workers" at their finest.

Deborah Bristol wrote on 16.11.2017 and gave a rating 5 of 5:

Good afternoon! I called Nov 6 to apply for as and was told someone would call me within 5 business days to set up a phone interview. I still haven't received a call. Should I wait or call in again? Thanks!

Peter D Schneidler wrote on 24.10.2017 and gave a rating 1 of 5:

The main complaint we all seem to have with the "local" Anchorage office (2 flights and 400 miles from where I live) is you apparently can't actually reach it by phone. I have called twice now between 9 and 10 am local time on a Tuesday and they keep forwarding me to the national number.
This is what several other reviewers said as well. I eventually managed to make it through the labyrinthian litany of questions and prompts to where I get in line to talk to a person, only to be told my call would be answered in "approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes." I'm a teacher in an Alaska village and am helping an elder to ask how come their most recent check is $9.00 instead of the usual $570.00. I have a break between classes, but not a break that long. Later the recording apologized for the wait and said "The SSA provides monthly benefits to more than 50,000,000 people..." Haha, pretty rough.

Jeanette wrote on 31.08.2017 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

Can Never! get a hold of you here in Alaska keep being tranfer to the lower 48 need some question answered? What is the best time to call.

Robert D Waldron wrote on 22.08.2017 and gave a rating 1 of 5:

No one answers the phone during business hours. No voice mail.

Judy wrote on 24.07.2017 and gave a rating 1 of 5:

The Anchorage office is not answering. I need to speak to a person.

T L Weedmark wrote on 14.07.2017 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

I can't get the Anchorage office to answer the phone and the national line has you wait over an hour?
And going to the office is at least a 2hr plus wait?If not more .

Jan Scroggs wrote on 27.02.2017 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

My husband and I noticed that we aren't paying federal taxes on our Social Security. Should we be? At this point we have had to pay instead of getting a refund. How should I have taxes taken out? Jan & Ricky Scroggs 909 830 9926

michael wrote on 04.12.2016 and gave a rating 1 of 5:

none of the numbers work or is answered.... I called 25 times and no one picks up..???
I just want to make an appointment Help someone.???

Denise wrote on 25.10.2016 and gave a rating 1 of 5:

totally ridiculous...local number is being transferred to the national number and all agents are busy, call back later, is the recording. Hours are ridiculous for the local office as well 9-3 are not user friendly hours at all for those who live busy lives.

Elizabeth Harper wrote on 19.08.2016 and gave a rating 1 of 5:

The phone number for the Anchorage office of 271-4799 is a fax number. When I tried to local 800 number it immediately forwarded my call to the national number even though the Anchorage office was still open. I cannot get through to the local office at all, and this is an emergency as Birmingham, Alabama changed the date of my benefit payment from yesterday to 2 weeks from now. I can't make it that long without benefits.

Karen wrote on 05.08.2016 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

I have moved. Do I need to make any changes to SS or Medicare? Will I need to make an appointment or can I do this online?

jessiecsiler wrote on 31.05.2016 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

I got the name of the director. moving on with my charges against him for being involved with a conspiracy agaist me. I am not doing this all for myself, as I am a human and I care. when someone that works for ss takes disability payments away from a service connected disabled vet. there will be some very serious consiquenses. thes people think that they are exempt from prosecution, but they are not. I am going to prove that.

jessiecsiler wrote on 31.05.2016 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

I had my ssdi suspended from orders of the fbi for writeing condisending comments online about them. I am in the process of fileing charges against the director for allowing this to happen. I have an appt. with lisa Murkowski to discuss this matter. I have also contacted the Obama administration, and my aunt who is the director of health and welfare in pa. I will also be contacting my lawyer about this matter.i am trying to procure the name of the director for the ank. office for my leagle proceedings. a conspiracy is going on. I am a service connected veteran with ankloyosing spondylitis. there is no reason or excuse to suspend my ssdi.

suzanne wrote on 12.11.2015 and gave a rating 1 of 5:

This is not about the local office,who was most helpful. I waited for response to my call on the 800# and the person did not want to help me because I was upset. Why don't you put some links into your website, and if an appt is required, state that clearly and provide an efficient way to get to an appt. established. This should not require > 1hour of my time. The info. sought was on the death of spouse and filings required.

randy wrote on 09.11.2015 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

I seriously believe that Social Security along with Dish, direct t.v and GCI are in completion to hire the dumbest people they can find period so maybe quit calling perhaps ..I have a what seems like pretty simple question called national they said come to office ,so I did only after waiting an hour to get we can't answer that here you'll get A call next week , no calls recall one person says come in no tried that talked to supervisors getting well call this number , empty number as never in days seriously days of dallying calling No response . There all just putting in time on the tax payers dollar none of then know there job ..

amber wrote on 04.11.2015 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

Why isn't there a bethel, ak office?? 56 surrounding villages without an office here in their hub?

Hilda wrote on 04.11.2015 and gave a rating 1 of 5:

why are all the calls being transferred to the national line? why is so hard to get a hold of the case worker for my daughter? I have been repeatedly trying to get a hold of her. Even had the main line send her a message which she did call back but since i was at a meeting couldn't pick up, she didn't call back when i returned her call like she told me to?? no direction just sticky notes of instructions sent by mail when asking specific things.

Kim Mackey wrote on 03.10.2015 and gave a rating 1 of 5:

There are a few people at this office who do their job well, but I have found many to be rude and incompetent. I had a hearing set by phone for a date when I would be out of state. I called TWICE to the phone number of the person who would conduct the interview and asked to be rescheduled. The voice mail had a message from July, when this happened in September. While I was gone this person called my home to conduct the interview, and got my wife, and had no idea or knew anything about the messages I had left. This incompetence will cost my son 73 dollars a month for the next five years. And all based on an erroneous estimate I corrected. Horrendous.

Loretta J. Humphrey wrote on 12.01.2015 and gave a rating 3 of 5:

I need to change my mailing address as we have moved from Alaska to Idaho. Former address was 2925 Will Rogers Place, Anchorage, Alaska 99517 and the current address is: 345 So. 12th St., Payette, Idaho 83661. Can you make this change?

judy wrote on 11.04.2014 and gave a rating 1 of 5:

I had my interview with the Anchorage office on 2/14/2014, Received all paperwork on the 15th and mailed them back on the 17th of Feb. I was supposed to start getting benefits on the 3rd of March, which has not happened to date 4/10/14, I have called the office no less than 6 times & have yet to receive a call back. I have even called the main office and they have sent emails to the person who took my interview, so far this office has been no help and it is very RUDE not to answer at least one phone message!

Admin wrote on 14.02.2014 and gave a rating 5 of 5:

Hello Bill,
pls, try 1-866-772-3081

william adamich wrote on 14.02.2014 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

Good morning the time is 09:30 am.On Friday. I have tried to call the office in Anchorage but to no avail. All I get is a recording.
What number should I use? I have ttried the number post but no good.

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