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205 N Marina
86301, Prescott, Arizona

Phone: National Toll-Free : 1-800-772-1213 TTY: 1-800-325-0778
Worktime: Monday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Tuesday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Wednesday 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Thursday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Friday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
Except Federal Holidays
Directions: One Block North Of Gurley Or One Block South Of Sheldon On Marina At The Corner Of Marina And Willis. The Office Is Downtown Across The Street From The Prescott Fine Arts Theatre.
S Marina St0.3 mi - 2 mins
Prescott, AZ, USA
0.3 mi - 2 mins
1. Head east on E Goodwin St toward S Marina St
331 ft
2. Take the 1st left onto S Marina St
Destination will be on the right
0.3 mi
205 N Marina86301, , Prescott, Arizona

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Linda wrote on 03.11.2022 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

Negative stars! Spent 32 minutes on hold yesterday, no one answered phones. I’ll try to go to office today but website still has Covid notice so not sure if it’s even open:(

Ralph McKie wrote on 11.02.2022 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

I was on hold yesterday for about an hour finally got someone and I requested two forms ! One was to stop my with holdings and the the other form was to opt out of Medicare as I am 100% Disabled thru the VA, and they take care of all my medical issues. She said she sent them via email but I have not recieved them could you send them to me via email up above >Thank You

Maureen Schreiber wrote on 18.01.2022 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

Is the Prescott Arizona office open yet?? My husband passed away and I need to check on possible income through his Social Security. Thank you.
I have a vaccine passport.

Ida Cobb wrote on 12.08.2021 and gave a rating 1 of 5:

I contacted the Prescott office to get a BPQY form for my daughter. I explained that I was authorized to speak on behalf of my daughter. I spoken many times with SSA regarding information for my daughter. She had given authorization when she was approved for disability.
On 8/10/21 I called and James answered the phone. He said, there was authorization for me to discuss anything pertaining to my daughter. I explained I've been doing it since 2011. His comment was "I don't believe you."
I explained that my daughter has difficulties taking information and processing. He asked what her "problem" was. He wanted to talk with her. She was unavailable at that time. He said to have her call that it was a simple procedure. She called 8/11/21 and James answered again. She explained what she needed. He ask her if she could "comprehended" the conversation. He kept asking her for her address. He stated it was "wrong" in the system. My daughter receives documents from the SSA on an ongoing bases. She got frustrated with James' attitude towards her. She told him to speak with my mom. She put the phone on speaker and told him he could speak to. I told there was a disconnect and the call dropped. I asked him about the BPQY document. He stated "let me talk to your daughter." The phone was on speaker so she could give him the authorization to talk with me. James told her to take the phone off speaker and "I'll explain."
He is very disrespectful, does not know how to speak with individuals with disabilities, condescending, talks down to people, and also my daughter doesn't have a "problem" James should not be answering phones. He thinks he's in charge and people do not know what they're talking about or what there asking.
SSA is not a place James should be working at. I will also be sending this to the main SSA office. I think they would be interested in hearing how James is speaking to individuals.

Rick House wrote on 15.05.2021 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

Hi I was doing taxes today I lost my statement on what you guys paid me last yr. I'am going back tomorrow

IDB wrote on 22.01.2020 and gave a rating 5 of 5:

So far, my experience is good. I called the toll free number to have my question answered. I got through to a human being within 3 minutes. She answered my question and then made an appointment for me to visit the office on a day and time that will work well for me. We'll see what happens next.

Edward Risko wrote on 05.06.2019 and gave a rating 1 of 5:

Just wanted to make appointment to avoid waiting in office for 2 hours. Menu is ridiculous. Do you really need me to "agree" that stealing information is a crime? Also, how else can I state my SSAN but "one numeral at a time"? Do you really have people telling you their SSAN two or more numerals at a time? About ten minutes of menu for you to tell me I would be on hold for an hour in order to set up an appointment to avoid a two hour wait? This system is a reflection of typical government bureaucratical waste of time. Frankly, I should be able to go online to make an appointment, like just about everywhere else in the world.

PAMELA HARBESON wrote on 18.05.2019 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

I went to the office in Prescott Az on May 13, 2019 to speak with them about money they claim I owe and file an appeal because I don't feel I owe. I arrived there and it was the worst experience I have ever had the two people that were looking at it were very rude, made me feel like a criminal and would not let me speak at all they did not care what I had to say or ask. I left there with nothing resolved and me still owing them a lot of money and now making $300.00 a month payment to them for my own money. They claim they held my Social Security for nine months because I was going to make to much money but I looked back at that tax return for that year and I did not make too much money so where did that money go of course I am sure they have a made up answer for that also. I wonder if those people there realize that it is my own money. I never got to file my appeal so why do they offer it on the form. What a joke I guess I will continue to work because 500.00 a month is not enough to live on.

Ellen Mangan wrote on 18.05.2018 and gave a rating 1 of 5:

I've waited and waited and waited on line to make an appointment to come into the Prescott office to report my husband's death. Really? Over an hour wait just for an appointment? Wow, and the President is squandering 30 million dollars for a military parade to sooth his sorely lacking ego strength. We could feed all our homeless veterans for 6 months on that money.

Alan Christenson wrote on 04.05.2018 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

I need a copy of my Earnings Statement. Was unable to get it on-line. Waited for over 1 hour on the phone for help. Finally gave up. I will be visiting the Prescott office to see if the can help me.

Mary Pallais wrote on 14.03.2018 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

I received an email to update my Social Security, I want to know if that is a scam to get my SS number. There is a 45 minute wait to get an appointment or to talk to some one. Thank You for your call back option. I will wait for the call.

Jon Hart wrote on 01.11.2017 and gave a rating 1 of 5:

Called 800 number, after 5 minutes with a robot that cannot understand English given a wait time of 40 minutes. Tried to give a rating of less than one star, but could not.

Charlene LeBlanc wrote on 14.07.2017 and gave a rating 2 of 5:

I have called the 800 number several times and there was a 45 minute wait. I wanted to make
an appointment at the Prescott office.

Linda Fay Frost wrote on 12.05.2017 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

I have no changes to report other than my e-mail which was changed from [email protected] to [email protected] because I used an account key and got locked out,also I can't seem to keep a phone (no one to call)

George Kruse wrote on 20.05.2016 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

I am a retired military veteran. I've dd forms 214 for US Army service from Jul4, 1958 thru Feb 1, 1979. I'd like to counsel with one your agents concerning retroactive extra military-SSA earnings from 1957 thru 1967 and 1978 through 2001.

Ramiro Sifuentes wrote on 30.03.2016 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

My wife is from Thailand on a Visa. Have applied for Green card. She has been finger printed. She has a U.S.Military ID Card. How can she apply for a SS Card/number? Needs SS number for me to apply joint tax's.
(928)831-3806. Ramiro Sifuentes

Julian Jenney wrote on 24.09.2015 and gave a rating 1 of 5:

I need a new card and process that should take 10 day has now taken 6 weeks and still no card!
:( poor customer service

Ronald E Messier wrote on 12.08.2015 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

Status of req for rev of hearing decision. My attny indicates that 2 separate request have been filed. 5/11/2015. There has been no acknowledgement of receiving the first or second request. Please let me know who I need to SPEAK TO regarding this issue.

LuVaughn Johnson wrote on 20.10.2014 and gave a rating 3 of 5:

Harold Julius Johnson
DOB: 12-26-22
Passed away on 10-12-14 I have waited for 1 hr. 40 min. on the line with the automated system. I know you are busy but nearly 2 hours is a little much.

Hugh M Clawswon wrote on 16.05.2014 and gave a rating 5 of 5:

I will be coming to the Prescott office Friday 5/16/14 to renew my social security Medicare card which was supposed to be mailed to and never arrived.

Robert E. Chaffee wrote on 14.03.2014 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

I am 83 years old. Get SS payments of 1243/Mo Wife gets 632/Mo Should I die does she get my SS or just an increase in hers or what happens?

Ramona Baptista wrote on 11.02.2014 and gave a rating 3 of 5:

I had a phone appointment scheduled for today at 11:00 a.m. My phone number is 928-377-2111. I am at work, and in order to talk on the phone, I had to step outside. I waited for the phone call. Once I came back inside, I had a voice message on my work phone asking me to reschedule. I tried to reschedule, and the automated system said to call back. I understand the state/government in probably swamped with work, but I would like to reschedule this phone appointment ASAP. Thank You.

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