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You can reach Social Security Office in Canton, Ohio at the following street address and contact number, as well as using directions below. Please, share your experience about visiting this office, provide a review using the form at the end of this page.


Suite 100, 301 Mckinley Ave. Sw
44702, Canton, Ohio

Phone: Local Number : 1-877-279-9519 National Toll-Free : 1-800-772-1213 TTY: 1-330-458-0861
Worktime: Monday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Tuesday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Wednesday 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Thursday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Friday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
Except Federal Holidays
Directions: The Office Is South Of Downtown Canton, Between Mckinley And High Street S. Public Parking Is Available Off Of High St. There Is Handicapped Parking Available, But The Parking Is A Considerabl E Distance From The Building Entrance. It Is Recommended That Passenger S Be Dropped Off At The Front Entrance Which Is At The Corner Of Mckinle Y And Third St Sw.
Mckinley Ave SW0.1 mi - 1 min
Canton, OH, USA
0.1 mi - 1 min
1. Head south on Mckinley Ave SW toward 2nd St SW
0.1 mi
Suite 100, 301 Mckinley Ave. Sw44702, , Canton, Ohio

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Kathy A Piccari wrote on 07.07.2020 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

I respectfully request a reconsideration of my recent claim action regarding changing my type of benefit. I was awarded this disability 10/05/2009. I am still disabled and can't understand who can determine that I suddenly receive less money. I can't afford this! My husband and I are both on these fixed income. I've earned this money plus the cost of living raises! Thank you for your considerations.

dianne m sellman wrote on 12.06.2020 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

i need a new ss card.i cant do it on line,Thank you

Denise Parks wrote on 26.09.2019 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

I went to the office for an appointment to apply for widow benefits, it has only been 2 months since my husbands death. The lady I spoke with was rude and treated me like I was stupid. The experience was hard enough and then to be treated like I was is un-called for.

perry m lieberman od wrote on 27.05.2019 and gave a rating 4 of 5:


Thomas Bowersox wrote on 17.04.2019 and gave a rating 1 of 5:

I tried and tried to get a person on the phone but was not successful. When the machine prompt answers it gives you three choices (1) to dial the extension number (2) to dial by name (3) hear office hours and directions. None of these are helpful. If you listen for the prompts to repeat four times it finally goes into another prompt which gives you a different phone number to call. Then after listening to the prompts repeat twice it finally gives you an option to press "0" for a person which if you tried too early it hangs up on you. 1-877-279-9519 is listed on the website and 1-877-255-1509 is the number they finally give you after repetitively listening to the prompts. I finally got through and thought it might be nice to let someone know about this problem so it may be addressed. The person I spoke with couldn't care less about it. When I asked his name he replied "Mr. Bob" right.

Tim Reynolds wrote on 09.02.2018 and gave a rating 1 of 5:

i have tried twice in the last two weeks to call, but I can't sit on the phone waiting for 1 to 2 hours.

Sorry, I just can't to that!!!

Tim Reynolds wrote on 09.02.2018 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

I need to update password to medicare, they said it has been in the mail on two occasions but never receive it

Cynthia Conlon wrote on 11.10.2016 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

Cannot, will not EVER understand how a working person is supposed to get there to file. I work in government also and work all of the same days that you are open. Although of course I work all day Wednesday and have to be at work at 0730. I guess your hours are geared toward the unemployed.

Dennis DeVault wrote on 20.09.2016 and gave a rating 4 of 5:

Well typical government office called three times today to find out what information I needed to bring to the office to sign up for benefits. No one ever answered the phone and I am not surprised our tax dollars at work just dandy.

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